Friday, February 23, 2007

Self Portrait

'Lucky Hat'............20x24".............oil on panel
I painted this self portrait (using photo reference and color sketch) shortly after my 39th birthday.
I find painting an occasional self portrait is a wonderful technical exercise as well as an insightful process that reflects my personal, physical and creative growth.
Check out Kee Won's truly exceptional self portraits on his blog (scroll down links bar on right).
Also check out Bill Moore's blog and browse through to view some remarkably candid watercolor self portraits. Enjoy.


Last week, I attended the 'GET:ART' charity event with Ben, Bill and Yinghua. GET:ART is an annual art sale sponsored by Bonhams and Butterfields, world renowned auction house. 100% of the proceeds from donated artwork directly benefit 'Project Angel Food', a free meal-delivery program with the mission to nourish men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses in Los Angeles County.
For more info click (or copy/paste) link: and click on GET:ART logo.

The painting I graciously donated (pictured below) was already sold by the time we arrived at the event which turned out to be an extremely well recieved and festive soiree.
Mark Ryden (an esteemed and talented painter I admire) was one of the many notable talents featured in this event.

'Santa Monica Blvd.'...........11x14"............oil on panel

This is me at the event quietly wondering if I'll get a chance to snag some more of those tasty coconut shrimp before they run out....
(Photo taken by Ben Fried)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Farmer's Market, Chinatown

'Farmer's Market, Chinatown'.........16x20"...........oil on panel
As I made my way back home from Chinatown one sunny afternoon, I drove by a parking lot bustling with sprightly shoppers.
Off in the distance, canopies aglow with light were set up to provide shade for the vendors.
The combination of rich color, shimmering light and the figures bestowed the right atmosphere of gaiety and vivacity which impelled me to paint this scene.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

'Made in the Shade'

'Made in the Shade'.........6x8".........oil on canvas panel
While exploring the quaint and picturesque grounds of E. Waldo and Sons (one of Sierra Madre's oldest existing confectionaries)
I came across a half-draped, antiquated Volkswagon beetle parked in a ramshackled carport. The intense late morning sunlight cast dramatic and rich shadows within the structure and created an interesting and elaborate pattern of light and dark shapes.
What also appealed to me about this subject matter was the sense of mystery evoked by the suggestion of obscurity and intrigue amidst the shadows.