Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Autumn's Awesome Adventures!

Below is one of my recent paintings 'Idling on P3' which will be included in my upcoming two person show at Abend Gallery

'Idling on P3'.........oil on canvas panel.........9x12 inches

Greetings and Happy Autumn!

Summer is winding down and Fall is on the rise. The rise of Fall has begun. Rise Fall, rise. It’s still too hot for me, and the rest of the world too. Something’s got to give though, can’t stay hot forever (I hope!) Anyway, with the cool breeze of the California Autumn comes additional delights, like brisk evening walks, colorful assortment of gourds and giant orange harvest moons hanging low on the horizon. But enough looking to the warm glow of the future, let’s reflect a little on the past and present as I share some snippets of exciting recent events and the McChristian news!


'Reverence'.........oil on panel..........15x18 inches

1st Annual Figurative Show
My painting ‘Reverence’ is currently on display for the 1st Annual Figurative Show at the Sage Creek Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. Show runs until October 30th, 2012.
To view online exhibition click here

'The Query'........oil on panel......12x15 inches

2012 OPA Western Regional Exhibition
I am also delighted to share that my painting ‘The Query’ was recently accepted into the OPA Western Regional Exhibition which opened on October 5th at the beautiful Gallery 1261 in Denver, CO.
To view online exhibition click here.

'Sentinel'.........oil on canvas panel.........8x10 inches

Three Person Show
This month I will also be participating in a three person show at Abend Gallery in Denver, CO. I will be displaying exciting new works alongside the bold and gorgeous paintings of the talented Sandra Pratt and Zhaoming Wu. Opening reception is on October 26th from 5 to 9pm.
For more info and to view online exhibition click here.


I am extremely pleased to share that I have garnered several awards in the past several months!  My painting ‘Traipsing in Trastevere’ received the OPA Donor’s Award of Excellence at the 21st Annual Oil Painters of America National Exhibition. My painting 'The Query' recently received Award of Excellence from the OPA Western Regional Exhibition which just opened last week at Gallery 1261!
I also received Best of Show from the BoldBrush May 2012 online competition. Woo Hoo!
In addition to all that awesomely good news I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on the Artist Mentors Online hosted by the wonderful and gracious Linda Fisler and Blanche McAlister Harris.
Click here to listen to my fun interview as I share informative tips and insights on painting and teaching. Speaking of teaching, I was very honored and thrilled to have been invited to the 4th Annual Weekend with the Masters event which took place in beautiful San Diego last month. I had a blast teaching wonderful students and meeting awesome painters! Below is a pic of me teaching at the Torrey Pines Gliderport in San Diego during the Weekend with the Masters event. Good times!

First day of workshop at Torrey Pines Gliderport


I am excited to announce that my 2013 plein air painting workshops have finally been posted!
For more info and registration details click here.

On a totally unrelated note, I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the final flight of the space shuttle Endeavor!  Flew directly overhead just as I stepped out of my house! Looked like some surreal sky whale pack with its two fighter jet dolphins escorting its slow tour of LA.
Weird and awe inspiring! Right place at the right time again :-)


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope it helps to give some kind of insight into my mind and general cosmology. I'm off to market now to purchase some pumpkins and irregularly shaped gourds. The fine smell of the cinnamon broom is perfuming my art studio, and soon small goblins and witches will be asking for sugary handouts!  
Have a fun filled Autumn with a Spooky Halloween and a Grateful Thanksgiving!