Saturday, March 7, 2009

Exciting Exhibitions and Upcoming Workshops

'The Sketchbook'.........oil on canvas...........20x24 inches (SOLD)

Hail fellow/fella well met! Wow! This year is whizzing by!!
It was with this in mind that I painted a portrait of my muse Ben for the Pasadena Museum of History’s ‘Contemporary Masters II’ exhibition. Here you can see him portrayed as the veritable spirit of gregariousness, a virtual incarnation of the god Dionysus, as he rests upon a park bench with his sketchbook. Just outside the frame are several nymphs and satyrs prancing with an oversized flagon of wine made from the skin of a cow. Well! Ben was just happy that I painted him with his pants on.
'Contemporary Masters II' exhibition will be on view until April 11th, 2009.

....striking a pose at the opening reception with Ben (the muse) and Linda (the muse's mom)


'Subway Siesta'.........oil on panel.........14x19 inches

In other news of my whirlwind life I've had 'Subway Man' accepted in the Greenhouse Gallery's Salon International 2009. Yay!
Whilst vacationing in far off Manhattan, I could not help but notice this gentleman fast asleep aboard the local tunnel traveling carriage. What a sight, thought I, the black and white checkered shirt's cool patterns against the warm neutrals and glorious blues and mauves in his skin. I tried to capture the peacefulness he exuded while asleep on noisy train. It was worth dragging my pochade box and paints down into the New York subway system and feeding a local Manhattanite whiskey till he passed out. Ha ha, just kidding.
(Or am I….)
New York, New York! Oh you big apple, riddled with shiny metal worms.
The 'Salon International 2009 Exhibition' opens April 11th through May 01st, 2009.


I am happy to announce that I will be conducting a fun and exciting plein air workshop in Ojai, CA. This five day intensive workshop will take place in the beautiful and quaint countryside from April 27th to May 1st, 2009.
Go to my 'workshops' page for more info.