Sunday, March 25, 2007

Truck Bed

'Truck Bed'.........oil on canvas panel.........7x9inches
Another venture to Verdant with painting buddy Bill Moore compelled me to paint this stationary truck bed parked alongside a vacant warehouse located at the entrance of the equestrian park.
Bill painted the same view looking the opposite direction (check out his wonderful rendition on one of his previous blog posts).

Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Visits to Verdant....

'Shanty and Chevy'...........oil on canvas panel...........7x9 inches
This is a little plein air sketch I did last week at the Verdant Equestrian Center with painting comrade Bill Moore (check out his version of a delightful 'horse trailer' painting on his previous blog post)
This revisited and rustic location offers an array of inspiring views and rural subject matter (the friendly, accommodating and cordial staff also make it a pleasant environment to paint in).

'Across the Corral'...........oil on panel...........7x9 inches
This is a different view (same location) of the main riding stables across the corral.


This weekend I attended Jeremy Lipking's successful and festive opening reception at the American Legacy Fine Art Gallery in Pasadena, CA.
(View the exceptional and evocative paintings of this accomplished and extremely talented young man by clicking on Jeremy Lipking link to right).
The gallery showcased paintings Jeremy produced on location during his month long sojourn in Loire Valley, France.

Painting by Jeremy Lipking

Sunday, March 11, 2007

SGFAA Demo and Art Show

A few months ago, I was invited to do a demonstration for the San Gabriel Fine Art Association. The demonstration was held this Sunday in the Grapevine Room located in the heart of San Gabriel's historical Mission District. This happened to be my very first demo (which my friend Bill Moore strongly encouraged me to do).
I agreed to partake in the demo to overcome my fear of painting and speaking in front of a crowd. I was extremely nervous at first, however the anxiety eventually diminished as the demo progressed. Overall, the experience was very rewarding and enriching for me as well the viewers.

For the demo I did a painting based on this color sketch of 'Doghouse and Picket Fence'. I came across this quirky battered and lopsided doghouse during a brief sojourn in Ojai, CA.

At the demo, adding final touches to the painting.....without looking at the canvas ;-)
(photo taken by Bill Moore)

This weekend I also attended an inspiring art reception held at the Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery for two artists I admire and revere, Van Arno and Keewon Hong.
(check out their incredible current works by clicking on their links to right).

Painting by Keewon Hong

Painting by Van Arno

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Road to Recovery.....

'Bill Painting Hyperion Bridge'.......oil on canvas panel.......9x7"
This is a view of the Hyperion Bridge just east of Atwater Village in Los Angeles. While painting that morning, it occurred to me I should be at home resting. Not quite fully recovered from an upper respiratory infection, my temperature rose to 101.3 F ( I had my trusty digital thermometer handy- and no, not the rectal kind) ;-)
Call me insane, but I was completely content to be plein air painting, fever chills and all.
Click on Bill Moore's blog to check out his version of the bridge on his previous post >>>>>>