Sunday, May 17, 2009

OPA, Chicago Jaunt and other stuff...

'Hunter, Gatherers'........oil on panel........19x24 inches

Greetings Blogsketeers!
Another fun-filled span of time has passed since my last blog, let's call this a blogparsec, which would be equivalent to one thirteenth of the rotation of our Earth around the star known to us as the Sun. Much has happened in this artist's life, nay cosmology, during this blogparsec: entire microbiological civilizations having grown, warred, learned to accept each other, and subsequently perished beneath the crumbling cinderblock of my art studio windows. Other, more immediately pertinent artistic occurrences of the blogparsec include my painting 'Hunter Gatherers' being accepted into the OPA's '18th National Juried Exhibition' held at Sage Creek Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. This boldly painted portrayal of three men of easy virtue, street walking in Times Square, clad only in bright fluorescent orange garb, diligently working with the trash of New York's grimy underbelly. They are the neo-hunter gatherers of today's urban society. Thus the title.
‘Hunter, Gatherers’ will be on display at the Sage Creek Gallery throughout the month May.


Also of note to the macro-consciously aware beings during the last blogparsec I was honorably awarded an ‘Honorable Mention’ on my ‘Subway Siesta’ whilst participating in the Greenhouse Gallery's 'Salon International 2009' by the venerable judge Mr. Daniel E. Greene. In addition, I also made the ‘Jury’s Top 50’ list.
(to view 'Subway Siesta' go to previous post)


Finally, at the conclusion of the blogparsec, I'd just like to mention what a ‘scream’ it was to see the Edvard Munch exhibition, ‘Becoming Edvard Munch: Influence, Anxiety, and Myth’ at the Art Institute of Chicago during my brief and adventurous sojourn to Chicago last month.
Below are two of my favorite Munch paintings from the exhibition. Enjoy!

'Night at St. Cloud'........1890

'Self Portrait With Cigarette'.........1895

~ A few memorable Chicago tid bits ~

Ben in front of historical Chicago Theater

Why I love Chicago architecture

Hustle and Bustle!

The Silver Bean at Millenium Park