Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidaze!

One of my paintings on exhibit at the '7th Annual Holiday Show' hosted by Segil Fine Art

'Under the 6th Street Bridge'.......oil on canvas panel......6x8 inches

Ho! Ho! Ho!
This is the cry I heard cut through the misty air as we drove down Santa Monica Blvd not but a few weeks ago. "Was that Santa calling through the air?!" I asked Ben, who then pointed to a large jolly man in a red jacket bellowing at a transsexual street walker. "Nope", Ben said, "but it is Christmas time in Hollywood".
We where returning from a delightful birthday party of my good friend (and exceptional artist) Vadim Zang held at an awesome Hungarian restaurant. Not only was the food enchanting, but several of Vadim's friends and family performed for us. There was belly dancing, violin and piano playing!
A perfect ending to a perfect evening which had begun with a delightful opening at Segil Fine Art's '7th Annual Holiday Show' (which runs through December 31st). Jam packed with fine art and fine artists, it was a great way to kick off the Holiday season. For more info click here.
I am also participating in Abend Gallery's '19th Annual Miniatures Show' which also runs through December 31st. To view exhibition click here.
I have also been invited to participate in the illustrious winter exhibition 'Small Works 2009' hosted by Gallery 1261 in beautiful Denver, Colorado. For more info and to view exhibition click here.

On display at Abend Gallery's '19th Annual Miniatures Show'
'Summer's End'......oil on canvas panel......4x5 inches

On display at Gallery 1261's 'Small Works 2009' exhibition
'Wellfleet Dusk'.......oil on canvas panel.......4x5 inches (SOLD)

~ '11th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational' ~

A few months ago I participated in the '11th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational'. Definitely more upbeat (and prosperous) than last year's event! The only real obstacle to fun and painting was Mother Nature herself, who chose to remain cloudy and rainy for about 60 percent of the time which had been allotted to painting. Then, in a somewhat infuriating ironic twist, decided to clear up and become sunny and bright after the paintings were turned in a ready to sell. Oh well, I still love Mama Nature, even when she's a bitch ;-). Overall the event was a huge success! Ben and I had a delightful time taking in the sights and sounds of Laguna beach, mingling with the artists and locals and, well.... just breathing some fresh, unsmogged air for a change. Below are a few pics from the event. Enjoy!

Painting at Heisler Park beach

Painting for the 'Quick Draw' on Saturday morning

Jen and Ben at Collector's Soiree

Artist Jeffrey Horn and Jennifer

Newly elected LAPAPA Signature Members:
Left to right:
Daniel Aldana, Michael Situ, Carolyn Hesse-Low, Jim Wodark, Ronaldo Macedo, Jennifer McChristian, Greg LaRock and Kathleen Dunphy (not pictured)

Hangin' out with friends at the Laguna Museum Public Art Show and Sale

Artist Peggy Kroll and Jennifer

Jennifer at Laguna Museum

LPAPA's participating artists

...and finally, a few plein airs I did for the event:

'Incoming Storm'.....oil on canvas panel......8x10 inches (SOLD)

'Off Duty'......oil on canvas panel.......8x10 inches (SOLD)

'Hillcrest Drive'.......oil on canvas panel.......8x10 inches

Until the next post, I wish you all a resplendent, peaceful and magical Holiday and may the New Year bring you much happiness, health and inspiration!