Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sage and Sun Summer

Hope Floats                                                     oil, 8x10 inches

Greetings and Happy Summer!

Seems like just yesterday, I was teaching plein air painting in Esalen and soaking in those fine hot tubs lining the cliff-side overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  No place on Earth like it! 
My students were amazing, hard working and extremely friendly, undoubtedly leaving Esalen feeling enlightened and inspired.  Ben and I were staying in the Fritz lodgings, located directly above the hot spring baths, with a breathtaking view of the the majestic ocean.  During his spare time Ben filmed some cool swallows that were flying outside our patio in the ocean mist using the slow-mo setting on his phone.  Reminds me how remarkable technology is these days, from smart phones to smart cars, it’s like the future we always dreamed of.  I can’t wait until artificial intelligence comes of age and relieves me of all decisions and responsibilities.  Hail to the Robot Overlords!!!  Anyway, until that day comes I guess I’ll keep painting in the pristine countryside of the California coast and beyond :-)
This September I’ll be painting in the Costa Brava region near Barcelona, Spain, and a year from then I’ll be in gorgeous South Africa for a double workshop on a farm and then at a winery.  Sweet!  
I wonder if it gets as hot there as it’s been here in Southern California this past year.  Drought’s still going strong unfortunately.  Good excuse to start a succulent garden I guess.  Going to plant some drought resistant shrubbery and herbs like sage and rosemary around the house too.  Aside from flexing my green thumb and teaching I’ve also been painting.  One of my new paintings will be on exhibit for  the 'Virtuosos of the OPA' hosted by the Salmagundi Club located in New York City. Yay! 
Below are some fun pics of my recent Esalen workshop.  Enjoy!                                                           

Students painting the beautiful Esalen gardens in 
the refreshing ocean mist

Discussing the importance of 'squinting' during morning demo

This cute, little bee nestled itself on my hat and 
remained there throughout the entire demo! 

A morning demo from the Art Barn

Relaxing in the oversized hanging swing for a much needed break.

 Esalen Class June 2015

U P C O M I N G   E X H I B I T I O N S
Virtuosos of the OPA

Prescription for the Blues                  oil, 16x20 inches

I am extremely delighted and honored to announce that my painting ‘Prescription for the Blues’ will be on exhibit at the 'Virtuosos of the OPA' show.  This exciting and prestigious group show will be hosted by the Salmagundi Club in New York City this September.  
The opening reception is on September 17th.  Show will be on display through October 1st so if you’re in the Big Apple around that time be sure and check it out! 
For more info and exhibition details click here.

 2 0 1 6   W O R K S H O P S   N O W   O N L I N E!

I’ve finally posted all of my 2016 workshops on my website.  In April I will be teaching in Ojai, in June I will be teaching in Big Sur at the Esalen Institute and in September I will be teaching for the first time in South Africa.  The South African trip consists of two different workshops, one at the Sunnyside Guest Farm in Free State close to Clarens and
the other workshop at the Saronsberg Vineyard Cottages close to Tulbagh.  
Please note that the Sunnyside Guest Farm workshop is SOLD OUT (with waiting list available).  
For more detailed information on all 2016 plein air workshops please click here.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Remember to stay cool, keep courting the muse and check back in a couple months to see how things have shaped up for the Autumn.   
Me, I’m just trying to stay hydrated in this California drought.  I’m certain FEMA will be stepping in soon and airlifting the population of Los Angeles out, or at least maybe rescuing the avocado and almond industry of central California.  Save the avocados and almonds, somebody please!!  It’s a second dust bowl I tells you, a second dust bowl.  This never would have happened if we had artificial intelligence supervising global resources allotment.  
Hail to the Robot Overlords!!!

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”
(Zen Shin)