Monday, June 24, 2013

Scintillating Summer

'Full Moon Procession'    oil,  8x10 inches
Greetings and Happy Summer!

It’s well into June so it must be summer and what a summer it is! It’s time for barbeques in the courtyard, pool parties, balmy nights and a spectacular Super Moon. These past couples of months have been fruitful and fun with activities including plein air painting workshops, exciting group shows and even a prestigious award!

I recently returned from teaching an awesome five-day workshop at Esalen in Big Sur. Can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to teach there! We had gorgeous weather by the seaside, ate double portions of organic chocolate cake, had three scrumptious square meals per day provided for us on oaken tables in a cafeteria reminiscent of Rivendale (if the Tolkienian elves had a bar stocked with Napa Valley wine that is). We soaked by starlight in cliffside hot springs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, loosened some old knots with a deep tissue massage, went skinny dipping in a heated saltwater swimming pool under a New Moon and somewhere in there I managed to teach a plein air workshop! Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t make it this time. The good news is I’ll be returning to Esalen in October! Make sure to register early. This workshop is limited to 12 students and spaces tend to fill up fast!
For more workshop info and to register online click here.
Below are a few workshop pics I’m delighted to share. Enjoy!
(To view additional fun pics of the workshop please visit my Facebook page)

 Esalen Plein Air Painting Workshop - June 2013

First day of workshop

The beautiful Esalen gardens

Assisting student during critique

 Susie painting breathtaking ocean view

The Esalen baths

My awesome students!
Clockwise from upper left: Samantha, Don, Debbie, Patti, Kirsten, Catherine, 
Usana, Adrienne, Kristen, Jodie, Vanessa, Judi, Susan, Jennifer and Ben
(Susie and Beverly missing from pic)


Oil Painters of America 1st Summer Salon

I am delighted to be participating in OPA's Inaugural Summer Salon
My new painting 'Full Moon Procession' (see image at top of post) is currently on display at the lovely Crooked Tree Arts Center. 
For more info click here

Abend: The Renovation

'El Cid'    oil, 8x8 inches

My painting 'El Cid, View from Balcony' will be included in Abend Gallery's The Renovation show.
This upcoming exhibition will showcase the gallery artists' stellar new works.
The opening reception will coincide with the unveiling of the gallery's beautiful renovations.
Opening reception is July 19th from 5 to 9pm.
For more info click here


Salon International 2013

'Hallows Eve Revelry'   oil, 12x16 inches

I’m delighted to announce that my painting ‘Hallows Eve Revelry’ received the Jury’s Top 60 award from Greenhouse Gallery's Salon International exhibition! 


I will be teaching my last plein air workshop for 2013 this coming autumn.
I am happy to be returning to Esalen, Big Sur a second time this year!
Workshop dates are October 13th - 18th, 2013.
For more info and registration details click here

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. It’s time to head out to the studio to get some painting done however the tricky part is staying disciplined while being tempted to take the day off and go rollerblading at Venice Beach! Ahhhhh, summer in LA.
Hope you have a sultry, sensuous and sensational  summer!
See you in the Fall, y’all!