Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sprightly Spring Things!

Greetings and Happy Spring!
I'm excited to share 'Le Sanctuaire', one of my new paintings that will be exhibited in an upcoming three person show at the Insight Gallery in early May 2012. Participating artists will include myself, Cheri Christensen and Qiang Huang. More info coming soon!

'Le Sanctuaire'.........oil on canvas panel..........11x14 inches

Spring is just around the corner, or some might argue due to the incredibly mild winter that spring is just about to give way to summer.  Either way it’s already March, a time when we celebrate marching bands and all other forms of marching.  That’s right, that’s why they named it March.  Unless they meant to name it Marsh, a time when frozen tundra thaws into swampy mud full of mosquitoes.  Not sure, I’m a painter, not a historian.  For all I know the month was named after a woman named Marge.  Maybe Marge liked to march in the marsh, it’s possible.  Regardless, it’s a busy year ahead for yours truly, with gallery deadlines nipping at my heels like small, unruly terriers and plein air painting workshops thundering on the horizon like a herd of wild horses.  It’s going to be another big year for Jennifer, and I’m running as fast as I can just to keep up with myself.  Thank God for Ben, he’s awesome, I’d be nothing but a small quivering pile of jelly crying in my soup in a house full of cats without him. 


'Cue Ball'........oil on canvas panel.........8x8 inches

'8x8 Small Gems'
My new painting ‘Cue Ball’ is currently on display for the '8x8 Small Gems'
 at the Waterhouse Gallery located in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. Show runs until March 23rd.
To view online exhibition click here

'Lucky Shirt'.........oil on panel........16x20 inches
This painting was awarded 2nd Place from the February 2012 'BoldBrush Painting Competition' judged by FongWei Liu
To view competition winners click here

'Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden III'
My new painting ‘Lucky Shirt’ is currently on exhibit at the ‘Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden III’ exhibition. The third biannual exhibition featuring works by nationally recognized representational artists will remain at the Pasadena Museum of History through Sunday, July 29th, 2012. 
For more info click here

'Before Lunch'.........oil on panel..........11x14 inches

'2nd Annual Scottsdale Salon'
In April I will be participating in Legacy Gallery’s ‘2nd Annual Scottsdale Salon’
Artists’ exhibition opens April 20th.
For more info and to view online exhibition click here


I am very excited and honored to have been recently invited to teach a plein air painting workshop at the Weekend With the Masters 2012 event held in San Diego in September 2012!  
More info coming soon!

For detailed information, locations, dates and registration info regarding my 2012 plein air painting workshops click here

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and may your Spring Season be filled with inspiration, renewal and prosperity!