Thursday, October 25, 2007

Artists To Watch.....

I am very delighted and excited to have been featured as one of the ‘Artists to Watch’ in Southwest Art magazine. The commentary is appearing in the November 2007 publication which is currently out on newsstands.
Below is the painting used as an insert for the article.

'Yellow Tow Truck'.......oil on canvas panel.......6x8 inches

Glassel Park’s San Fernando Blvd. is peppered with old wrecking yards and dilapidated service stations which provides ample painting fodder teeming with rich textures and colors. While cruising on the boulevard, scouting for an interesting scene with my painting buddy Erik Houg, I came across Tony’s Auto Wrecking garage. I found the warm colors of the structure against the clear blue sky appealing, although the funky little tow truck was the main attraction. Being extra cautious about the oncoming 18- wheelers and speed freaks, we quickly scurried across the street and set up on a tiny shaded curb with minimal protection from the streaming traffic.
Ahhh yes! Nothing like adrenaline, searing hot weather, car exhaust and occasional badgering from the local cart-pushing schizophrenic vagrant to stoke the fires of creativity while painting en plein air!