Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

'Versailles Launderette'   oil on panel,  8x8 inches (SOLD)

 Greetings and Happy Spring!
Spring is here, kind of, and never before has the season been more metaphorically linked to it’s bouncy name. It keeps swinging back and forth between Winter and Summer like some kind of giant elemental slinky. To top it off, outer space is throwing giant meteors and asteroids at us. Saw one over LA about a month ago, Ben thought it looked like a firework over Los Feliz, but I knew better.  Doesn’t faze me though, I’ll paint either way. Bring it on wacky weather! It’s still early but it’s shaping up to be another exciting year with sizzling spring group shows, invigorating plein air workshops and recent awards and accolades. Here is a brief recap including detailed info of my upcoming shows and events:


Small Gems - 8x8"
'The Little Dictator'   oil on canvas panel,  8x8 inches

Two of my miniatures are currently showing at Waterhouse Gallery’s 'Small Gems' group show. 
To view some wonderful small gems created by big talent click here

Salon International 2013
'Hallows Eve Revelry'   oil on canvas panel12x16 inches

I am excited to share that my painting ‘Hallows Eve Revelry’ has been selected for the Salon International Exhibition hosted by the Greenhouse Gallery.
Opening reception is on Friday, April 12th, from 5 to 8pm.
For more info and to view online exhibition click here

22nd Annual Juried Exhibition
'Asphalt Alliance'   oil on panel,  20x24 inches

I will additionally be participating in the OPA 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition hosted 
by InSight Gallery
Opening reception is on Saturday, May 18th, from 5 to 8pm.
For more info and to view online exhibition click here


Painting is my passion, which is why I’m extremely delighted to announce that I’ve been recently elected as a Signature Member to the prestigious Oil Painters of America! I am very honored to be included amongst such outstanding and talented artists!

My new painting ‘Versailles Launderette’ placed as Finalist for the February 2013 Raymar Art Contest judged by the venerable Nancy Guzik!
To view February Finalists click here


I am pleased to announce that my Ojai workshop in April and my Big Sur workshop in June have both reached full capacity, though you may still sign up for the waiting lists if you are 
interested in either (or both) workshops. 
I will be teaching another plein air workshop this coming autumn. I am happy to be returning to Esalen, Big Sur a second time this year!
The scheduled dates are from October 13th - 18th, 2013
For more info and registration details click here

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog! Here’s to a brand new Spring in the year of the Snake! Shed that skin baby, shed it! It’s the time to revel in new things like budding flowers, moist dew on grass and fuzzy caterpillars turning into butterflies and all kinds of thinly veiled metaphors. 
May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand between your toes!

Anguilla 2012