Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Full Speed Ahead!

Greetings All!
Spring has finally sprung and I have an exciting roster of events, group shows, and workshop updates to share with you. For starters, I'd like to share a plein air painting I did while in Maui for the '2011 Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational'. Enjoy!

'Sugar Cane Train'..............oil on canvas panel.............8x10 inches (SOLD)

'Salon International 2011'
April 2 - 22, 2011


My painting 'Le Marais Twilight' (which also received 'Best of Show' from the January Raymar Fine Art Competition) is included in Greenhouse Gallery's 'Salon International 2011'. Show runs through April 22, 2011.
To view online exhibition click here.

'Around the World: The Painted Journey'
April 8 - 30, 2011


I will also be participating in Abend Gallery's 'From Around the World: The Painted Journey' exhibition which will feature remarkable pieces which have been selected from the participating artists' world travels. 'Rue Saint-Antoine' will be one of my three paintings included in this impressive exhibition.
Show opens April 8, 2011.
For online preview click here.

'1st Annual Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art'
April 21 - May 19, 2011

Another piece created from my Paris trip is 'Strolling Parisian' which has been selected for the '1st Annual Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art hosted by Legacy Gallery.
Exhibition opens April 22, 2011.
For online preview click here.

'20th Annual National Juried Exhibition'
June 10 - July 9, 2011

Finally, a fourth Paris inspired piece, 'Where R U?', will be on display for the Oil Painters of America '20th Annual National Juried Exhibition' at Devin Galleries in Idaho.
Exhibition opens June 10, 2011.
For more info about this exhibition click here.

~ 2 0 1 1 W o r k s h o p s ~

Here is a recap of my remaining plein air painting workshops for 2011:
Both the Sedona (May) and Big Sur (June) workshops are currently full with waiting list. The Big Sur workshop in August still has some spaces available. Spaces are filling up fast so be sure to register soon in order to secure your place and experience the seaside organic gardens and cliff side hot spring tubs!
Click here to view my current workshop schedule for 2011.

Be sure to have an awesome and productive rest of the spring season and prepare yourself for more fun and adventure in 2011's summer!


ddd said...

All five paintings are sooo nice! I can't pick a favourite. I am surprised (pleasantly) by the intense green on the left side at the edge of the building in Rue Saint Antoine?! That wall is in the shadow yet it glows with warmt. Well done Jennifer!

Valérie Pirlot said...

Your paintings are simply fantastic! As Dalibor says I love he way you managed to keep your shadows interesting but most of all I love your highlights that are so powerful. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work!

Cmichaudart said...

you have been busy! congratulations and thanks for sharing these pieces: exquisite work. will look forward to more.

Pam Holnback said...

Congratulations on all of your achievements! Great pieces!j

Jennifer McChristian said...

Thank you so much Dalibor, Valerie, Cindy and Pam!

Roger Brown Art said...

Great paintings ,all of them love the colors and sugar cane train is just perfect.

PleinEric said...

Your work just keeps getting better and better Jennifer! Congrats... so inspiring.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Thank you Roger and Eric! :)

Art By Erika said...

Impressive as always! Congrats Jennifer your off to a bright start already! Very proud of you! :)

victor tristante said...

I like the light in your paintings, it´s seems XIX paint. sorry for my english, i´m from spain.
i invite you to see my paintings, i paint realistic too.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Thank you so much Erika. Appreciate the comment! :)

Jennifer McChristian said...

Thanks for visiting Victor.
Checked out your blog. Your paintings are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

interesting paintings.

Márcia said...

Parabéns Jennifer, belos trabalhos!

Anonymous said...

I came into comments not knowing what to say; your work is always so topnotch. But when I read another comment saying they couldn't pick a favorite, 'Le Marais Twilight' popped in mind. That one is so much about light, and the reflection on the window of the vehicle bottom right really sets it off. A master stroke!

Jennifer McChristian said...

gracias Maria!

Jennifer McChristian said...

Thanks for stopping by Decker. I appreciate your generous comments :)

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Douglas Carter, A Painting Diary said...

Im just starting out my painters blog.,Im wanting to cross promote with yours let me know?
Your Fan Doug

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Douglas,

Would love to cross promote blogs.
Thanks for visiting and I look forward to your posts!


Unknown said...

Very, very good work, and almost impossible to pick a favorite!. You are an inspiration and a challenge to reach that peak!. Excellent Jennifer.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Thanks so much Richie! Appreciate the comment :)

Jody Regan said...

Just found your blog; am enjoying your citiscapes with warm undertones. Very atmospheric.