Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring Flings

Here is a recent gouache study currently showing at
Waterhouse Gallery's 8x8 Small Gems show.

Curacao Cafe                                                                        gouache, 8x8 inches

 Greetings and Happy Spring!

Spring has finally sprung and summer is now almost upon us, some might say we’re in the middle of ‘Sprummer’ as the Earth slowly makes it’s way around the massive, magma spewing G2V class yellow dwarf star at the center of our solar system.
I recently returned from my Ojai plein air painting workshop and had an awesome time!  The folks who hosted our orientation at the Beatrice Woods Center for the Arts were delightful as always. If you go through Ojai make sure you see their fine collection of Beatrice Woods pottery at her historic house!
Ojai surprised me with one day of rain for the first time ever but fortunately we had lots of overhangs at the Krotona Institute to paint under so it worked out just fine.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and luscious vino at the newly revamped Ranch House.  The gourmet food is exquisite and they have the nicest manager ever!  Ask for Russ if you go and he’ll take good care of you.
The sprightly hummingbirds were out in full force up on Meher Mount, must have been over a dozen zipping around!  A truly magical place which boasts breathtaking vistas at Avatar Point.  We painted  at the Old Creek Ranch Winery and of course did a little wine tasting to loosen up for the afternoon painting exercise ;-)  I purchased a bottle of their 2012 Grenache, which tastes like “Tide-pool brine, cedar chest, dark cherry, cinnamon bears, strawberry Starburst and chocolate covered raisin.  Would pair well with duck and a cherry reduction sauce".  Nice!  And of course all of my students were wonderful!  I hope they enjoyed learning from me as much as I enjoyed teaching them!
But not all my life is spent teaching painting.  I also have a couple of awesome shows that I am currently participating in.  There’s the 24th OPA National Exhibition at Cutter and Cutter Gallery going on this month and Abend Gallery’s Contemporary Figuration group show, which opens in early June.
Here are few pictures from my Ojai workshop.  Enjoy!

 Morning demo at Meher Mount

Entrance to Old Creek Ranch Winery

Enchanting scenery at the winery

 Morning demo at winery 

Here is my winery demo in progress

Shirley painting the beautiful Happy Valley vista

U P C O M I N G  &  C U R R E N T   E X H I B I T I O N S
24th Annual National Exhibition

Dan's Canoe                                                  oil, 11x14 inches

I’m proud to announce that my painting ‘Dan’s Canoe’ has been juried into the 24th OPA Annual National Exhibition held at Cutter and Cutter Gallery.  
This exhibition is currently showing works by top notch talent from all across the nation! 
For more show info and to view works from participating artists click here.
 Contemporary Figuration

Layover                                 oil, 12x16 inches

I will also be participating in the Abend Gallery Contemporary Figuration group show which opens June 12th and runs until July 3rd.  My self-portrait ‘Layover’ will be amongst the wonderful collection of amazing artwork which will showcase renowned local and out of town artists. 
For more info and to view online exhibition click here.

2 0 1 5   P L E I N   A I R   W O R K S H O P S

Time marches on, and as fun as it was, my Ojai plein air painting workshop has come and gone.  
We can only look to the future and see, glimmering upon the horizon, my upcoming Esalen workshop in June and my Barcelona workshop in September.
The June 2015 Esalen workshop located in Big Sur is currently FULL (waiting list available).
To be placed on waiting list please email me at:

There are only 2 spots remaining for the September 2015 Spain workshop so if you’ve never been to Barcelona and you’ve always wanted to go now’s your chance to scratch that off your bucket list and take in a few extra Spanish attractions as well!
For more information and registration details for Spain workshop click here.

2016 Plein Air Workshops to be announced soon!

A R T I S T   S P O T L I G H T!

I was recently featured in a fun and informative online interview courtesy of FASO.
Click here to read full article. Enjoy!


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Tune in next season to find out if anything newer has occurred since now.  Which will be then instead of now by the time you read this.  Maybe newer news has already occurred between the time I write this and the time you read this.  Or maybe not.  Regardless, have a nice rest of the month until the next time I write the blog, or the next time you read it, depending on your perspective.  I guess it’s all relative, time may move faster or slower depending on how interesting the news is or how grave.  Yes, the gravity of the news does affect the time it takes to read it.  
That’s my theory of relativity......
Have a resplendent, revitalizing and relaxing Spring!

 "Spring is the time of plans and projects"
(Leo Tolstoy)


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