Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Post Show Update

And fun was had by all!
Here is a group shot with me and some of my gal pals at the 'Treasures' opening reception. Cheers!
Left to right: Yurianna, Jennifer, Erin and Tovie.

Fellow artists at the 'Treasures' reception on Saturday night.
Left to right: Erin Rosen, Keewon Hong and Frank Serrano.

Below are three of my paintings that were displayed in the 'Treasures' group show:

'River Ridge Horse Stables'...........7x9".............oil on panel
What compelled me about this scene was the dramatic shadow cast onto the stable and the contrast of the cool and warm hues in the foreground. By the way, why do horses get so freaked out when they see an open umbrella??

'Tunnel'...........6x8"............oil on canvas panel
This little trail/tunnel is located right behind the Autry Museum and runs parallel to the Golden State freeway. I painted this one with my buddy Bill Moore (awesome watercolorist by the way!)

'Other Side of the Tunnel'..........6x8"............oil on canvas panel
And last but not least, this is the opposite view of the same tunnel (pix above). I painted this view alongside William Wray sometime in April.
(I like his version better)


Robert Elliott said...

Welcome Jennifer to the Blogosphere.
Glad to see you.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hey Robert,

It's been a while! Thank you for the 'welcome' greeting.
Are you still taking classes with Erin?

William K. Moore said...

Jennifer.. forgot to thank you for the show pix. They're great and provide a record of some terrific memories. Your entries are well placed on the wall of honor and I know they will get the attention they deserve. What do we do next to top this...?

TJ said...

Nah, Bill mentioned you were a fav of his! I like your version better! In fact, I'm going to have to check out your works extensively! WOW!

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hey Bill,

Glad you like the photos.
Don't know what's next, but something is on the way!

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi TJ,

Bill happens to be a fav of mine as well.
I guess we just have to settle on doing a trade. :-)

william wray said...

Done! ;-) My favorite thing about yours besides it being better overall, (tj is right) Is those two ballsy strokes of the knife for that hard edge. Besides the fact they nail the edge perfect and contrast with the brushwork, I admire the restraint that you held back and didn't do it elsewhere. Sometimes I get so enamored with an effect I can't stop and over use it.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Wow.. 3 great pieces. I love the underpass. Love the colour in all.

painterjoy said...

Thank you for the summary of the opening. It looks like it was fun, and I am so sorry I missed it. Your paintings look fabulous.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the comment.
Checked out your work. Wonderful paintings!
I see you are a fellow Canadian.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Robin,

I'm so glad I finally got a blog up and running.
So far, it's been interesting, inspiring and enlightening.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Your welcome Joy,

It was in fact a lot of fun and you were definitely missed. I hope you are feeling better. :-)

Jennifer McChristian said...

Thanks William,

Painting is the only area I exercise some form of restraint. Outside of that, well.... that's a different story. Yikes!

william wray said...

Badda- BING!

Michael Pieczonka said...

Jennifer.. thanks for checking out my site. I see there's still no shortage of talented Canucks in LALAnd!! great work

Jennifer McChristian said... for thought, Los Angeles is the 4th largest Canadian city. It must be the heat we crave.